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(free) 04:28


Recorded between July and December of 2009 in Jeppe's basement, at Kasper's parents house and in a rehearsal space at Bredagerskolen in Jelling, Denmark.

Cæcilie Bue sang on (2 & 6)
Asbjørn Bo Hansen played bass guitar on (2 & 5)
Christoffer Meng Sørensen played tenor saxophone on (5 & 11)


released April 6, 2010

Tetris = Therapy are:
Kasper Guldberg Husted (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers, Piano, Alto Saxophone, Percussion)
Jeppe Høi Justesen (Drums, Percussion)
Rune Riisbjerg Thomsen (Guitars, Bass, Vocals)

Recorded by Tetris = Therapy, produced, mixed and mastered by Kasper. All songs by Tetris = Therapy, all words by Kasper Guldberg Husted.

Cover and artwork by Cecilie Meng Sørensen.

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Track Name: Combat Beard
You, can slap me later
When you feel the need
You, can consider
It a right, you've recieved, to savor in time

Please, just kick me later
I'll be on my knees
Blue, and battered
Pulling hairs, from my beard, in combat i'll lie
pinned down in your turnstile
Track Name: The End of the Season
...and it waves, sideways, the wind takes
the dead leaves, they part like commanders and
soldiers, all flustered and weathered
at the goal line, the stop sign, the end of the season

The end of the season, the delta, the edge

You can look at what we've gained and what we have lost
And it adds up to nothing, just nothing
You can race the thought as far as it goes, bend it into obscurity
Like it's nothing, it was never anything
Track Name: Seasick
You came in through my window last night,
Swung your legs over the sill
It made you so seasick, so seasick
You sat down, i put your hand in mine
But the words that left you
Made me so seasick, so seasick

Wine brings out the worst in you
can make me smaller than a matchtip, all blue
i just climb up your nostrils,
and search for the good in you

you took off, guilt surging to your gut
Asphalt sweeping as you felt
More and more carsick

wheels are turning
you away from me
Track Name: A Lack of Concentration
Mist sweeps the ground, my swollen feet
and my ears ache from this tapestry
of rigid noise filling the weeks

I'll sit down, put my feet up
I'll pick up a pen and plot it out
A lack of concentration
Track Name: Hadweonlyremained...
Tracks in mud
lead to young hearts
hearts hold room
rooms hold space for me
you'll make space for me
will you make space for me?
for me
Track Name: Video Game Museum
Dancing through the video game museum
liquid 8 bit, wash over me
prancing down the video game museum
We're jousting through the lobby

Glancing into your penny arcade, taking in names and flat stories
as falling blocks in every color
Chance is they will all fit, spread themselves into right answers
Jousting through my memory
Track Name: Same Sullen Summer Sound
Same place, same sound
we're outdoors bound
big noise, vast crowds
no neat dress gowns
old tees, all 'round

all smiles, no frowns